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  • Invitation to submit proposals for Topical Teams in Physical Sciences (see also here for a list of Topical teams)
  • Submission of Topical Team proposal on "Preplanetary Dust Aggregation and Related Subjects"
  • Approval of Topical Team by ESA
  • Publication of "The Concept of a Facility for Cosmic Dust Research on the International Space Station" by J. Blum et al. (ESA SP-385)
  • Constitution of the Topical Team
  • Extension and renaming of the Topical Team in "Particle Aggregation and Dispersion"
  • ESA Announcement of Opportunity "Microgravity Research and Applications in Physical Sciences and Biotechnology"
  • Preparation of ICAPS proposal by the Topical Team
  • Oral presentation of the Topical Team's ideas at the ISS conference in Darmstadt (Germany)
  • Publication of "Research With Small Particles Onboard the ISS" by J. Blum et al. (ESA SP-433)
  • Submission of ICAPS proposal to ESA
  • Recommendation of ICAPS by the peer reviewers; overall rating is “outstanding”
  • Endorsement of ICAPS by ESA boards
  • Funding for the ICAPS laboratory phase is made available by national space agencies
  • Approval of industrial Phase A Study by ESA
  • Oral presentation of ICAPS at COSPAR in Warsaw (Poland) and at the ISS conference in Sorrento (Italy)
  • International Announcement of Opportunity (I.A.O. 2000) "Basic and Applied Research in Physical Sciences in Space" launched with ICAPS listed under  ISS Experiment Facilities
  • Submission of five proposals for ICAPS in response to the I.A.O. 2000
  • Publication of "Interactions in Cosmic and Atmospheric Particle Systems (ICAPS) - Examples of the Research Programme" by J. Blum - Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Microgravity Research & Applications in Physical Sciences & Biotechnology, Sorrento, Italy, 10-15 September 2000 (ESA SP-454)
  • Publication of "ICAPS - A New Experimental Research Program With Small Particles in Microgravity" by T. Poppe et al. (Adv. Space Res., in press)
  • Start of Phase A Study performed by Kayser-Threde GmbH Munich/Germany
  • ICAPS Brochure
  • Decision of ICAPS and IMPF Advisory Boards for a joint facility for ICAPS and IMPF
  • End of Phase A study
  • Approval of industrial Phase B by ESA
  • Several oral presentations of ICAPS at the World Space Congress in Houston (USA)
  • Press release for the World Space Congress in Houston (USA)
  • Start of Phase B study of IMPACT
  • Phase A/B study of the ICAPS-Sounding Rocket Experiment (ICAPS-SRE)
  • Preliminary definition of insert #1 (aerosol and dust cloud experiments) and insert #2 (experiments with artificial regolith and large-dust-aggregates) for IMPACT/ICAPS
  • Transfer of ICAPS-SRE to an ISS experiment (ICAPS Precursor Experiment IPE)
  • Start of Phase B study for IPE
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