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5. Magnetometer workshop 2014

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Magnetometer workshop is a biannual small conference for invited researchers involved in the space magnetometry field. Magnetometer workshop 2014 is already fifth meeting, the first one has been organized by IGeP TU-BS in 2005 in Ibenhorst, Germany. The original idea of the workshop rose from collaboration of three institutes within Europe, that are involved in fluxgate-magnetometer development for space research, namely:

Then the magnetometer workshop series followed with meeting in 2007 - Klippitztörl, Austria; 2009 - Harwich, United Kingdom; 2011 - Sigüenza, Spain.

1. MAG workshop, Ibenhorst, Germany.

1. MAG workshop, Ibenhorst, Germany, 2005.

1. MAG workshop, Ibenhorst, Germany.

2. MAG workshop, Klippitztörl, Austria, 2007.

1. MAG workshop, Ibenhorst, Germany.

3. MAG workshop, Harwich, United Kingdom, 2009.

1. MAG workshop, Ibenhorst, Germany.

4. MAG workshop, Sigüenza, Spain, 2011.

Term & Location

The 5. magnetometer workshop will take place in a small village Jizerka, in the middle of Jizerské mountains, the Czech Republic.
Magnetometer Workshop 2014 - Jizerka, Czech Republic
Sunday 16. March, 2014
Friday 21. March, 2014
Jizerka, 468 50 Polubný, Czech Republic


Magnetometer Workshop 2014 - Jizerka, Czech Republic

The village Jizerka is located in the middle of Jizerské mountains near Czech-Polish borders. It is a beautiful area with several nature reserves, attractive for sport activities, especially cross-country skiing in winter. First written record of the village is from 1529, but already from century it has been in focus of prospectors searching for gem stones (ruby, sapphire, or mineral Ilmenit - Izerin). The most residents were at Jizerka during the turn of 19. and century, thanks to a glass workshops.

Jizerka is part of the Izera Dark Sky Park preserved area with very low light pollution, which enables night sky observations.


Hotel Panský dům a Pyramida (50.818517 N,15.345644 E)

Accommodation in single or double rooms. Dinners served as a buffet, lunches individually à la carte at the hotel or elsewhere in the village. The hotel services available are sauna whirlpool, sports hall with climbing wall, cross-country ski / snowshoes rent.


The workshop starts on Sunday 16.3.2014. However, it might be more convenient for attendees form distant destinations to arrive to Prague on saturday 15.3.2014 and depart from Prague on 22.3.2014 to have more relaxed transfer to the meeting. Coordinated departure from/to Prague might be possible in case arrival/departure details of individual attendees are available. There are three main transfer options possible:

By car

From Prague by car via E65 route from Prague Airport, ~140 km.

From Dresden by car via Zittau (DE) and Liberec (CZ) from Dresden Airport, ~180km

By direct train

The easiest way to get from the airport to the train main station is to use bus line called Airport Express (AE sign on the buses). Details are on this webpage. The transfer duration is about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the traffic.

Taxi like option

A taxi-like transfer can be organized from Prague to Jizerka directly. The costs shall be in order of 150-200 EUR.


The list of participants can be downloaded here.


The draft agenda of the workshop can be downloaded here.


For more detailed info please contact the organisation team via: d.hercik(at)
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