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Lander-Magnetometer and Plasma Monitor

ROMAP (ROsetta Lander MAgnetometer and Plasma Monitor) consists of the Rosetta Lander-Magnetometer (ROLAND) and the Lander Plasma Monitor (SPM). The Fluxgate-Magnetometer, designed and built lead-managed by the Institute for Geophysics und extraterrestrial Physics, is situated in zhe center of the experiment. It consists of two entwined ringcores plus pick-up coils and Helmholtz coils for each sensor axis. With a weight of less than 40 g it can perform measurements betweenn +/- 2000nT with a resolution of 10 pT. The IWF (Graz) and the MPE Garching joined the development and construction of the magnetometer and its electronics.

ROMAG: Parameter

Sensor mass 35 g
Sensor volume 523 cm3
Electronics mass 150 g
Resolution 10 pT
Dynamic range 4000nT
Sensor noise (@1Hz) 10pT/(Hz)1/2
Bandwidth 0 - 32Hz
Sample rate [1; 64] vecs/s
Power (incl. plasmamonitor) 1 W
Temperature range -160 ... +120C
Time of operation ~ Wochen

The plasma monitor, a cooperation between KFKI (Budapest),MPS (Katlenburg-Lindau) and IKI (Moskau), measures the electron and ion distribution in a wide energy range. Furthermore, a Penning sensor and a Pirani sensor for pressure measurements are available (10-8-10-3mbar respectively 10-3-10mbar). The electronics for both experiments are located inside the lander, the sensors, except for the pressure sensors,are mounted on a small boom.


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